Working with React

React, the javascript library invented by Facebook, is a very hot technology right now, and rightly so. With such a small surface area of API calls to learn...

Jesse in Coding 3 minutes

TheatreJS Demo

Recently, I discovered a cool little library called TheatreJS, created by Gabin Aureche. This library adds an animated effect mimicking human typing behavior in real time. I love...

Jesse in Coding 3 minutes

Data Visualization With D3

Lately, I’ve been working on data visualizations at work. The idea is taking some data, whether it be votes from an election, the data from your FitBit, or...

Jesse in Coding 4 minutes

iOS Swift App Demo

I recently put a swift demo app together as a way to show interest and at least passing familiarity with Swift / Xcode 7 / iOS Development. (Other...

Jesse in Coding 5 minutes